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Useful programmer tips.

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Neovim config for frontend development

In this article I will explain how did I set up my neovim to work with React and Vue projects. It should also work for Vim 8+

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How to create and use code snippets in VsCode

Some time ago I didn't understand what is code snippet and why I should use them. But when I started writing a lot of unit tests I understood how snippets can simplify my life. In this small article I will show you how to automate writing JS unit tests using snippets.

How to mock axios in jest with Typescript

This article explains the correct way how to mock axios in jest with typescript

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Using graphical diff and merge tools in GIT

Sometimes it is needed to use some graphical applications for viewing git diff or merge. Git allows to specify it.

Prettier is code formatter which can format your code automatically on file save. It can not only format, but fix code according to your eslint or tslint rules.