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ON HOLD - MUD client for Android

NB! Currently I am not developing this app as I don't have Android phone. As a plan is to migrate project to react native and develop cross-platform.

For any issues leave a comment on this page or create new issue here: https://bitbucket.org/jtumano/bmudclient/issues


  • Changeable encoding
  • Multicolor text view
  • Changeable on-screen hotkeys
  • Actions (triggers)

Future plans

  • Aliases (macros)




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Some tested worlds


host - clok.contrarium.net
port - 4000
encoding - UTF-8

http://sowmud.ru - Russian MUD, for connection use:

host - sowmud.ru
port - 4000
encoding - KOI8-R

http://www.bylins.su - Russian MUD, for connection use:

host - bylins.su
port - 4000
encoding - UTF-8


Version 1.13:

  • Some background improvements
  • Added possibility to enable/disable actions
  • fixed action notification issue when it was shown beside of statusbar
  • fixed issue when in action was entered multiple commands separated by ; but fired only last one multiple times
  • android 8.1 compatibility
  • some minor fixes

Version 1.12:

  • fixed bug when some artifacts like 0m or 39;49m were appeared in the screen.
  • also some graphics fixes when some texts were displayed white instead of any other color
  • added Android O support

Version 1.11:

  • Fixed: Now the text field when typing seems to think it's an email address
  • Fixed: When press hotkey button or command in right menu didn't scrolled down
  • Added: Ability to show notification when action is triggered. For this functionality check the checkbox in Actions menu in edit action dialog. Note: it is also possible to add notification without any command - in this case there is no need to fill command in new action dialog.

Version 1.10: NB! If you encounter some problems after update please go to Buttons screen and do reset to default values or uninstall the app and install it back!

  • when selecting command from history the cursor is at the end of command now
  • now there is 9 on-screen buttons with long-click additional action
  • possibility to change buttons commands

Version 1.09:

  • added possibility to change button commands

Version 1.08:

  • moved Look button upper to avoid covering Send button
  • added a quick launch menu to simplify navigation

Version 1.07:

  • fixed an input field was being covered by history buttons on devices with larger screens
  • ANSI coloring fix

Version 1.06:

  • fixed a bug when was no response after command sent in some worlds (like CLOK)
  • fixed window autoscroll (if it is scrolled up to read some history and there will come some new data from server it will do nothing until it is scrolled back down or some command sent)

Version 1.05:

  • critical bug fix when application crashed on some phones after being connected.

Version 1.04:

  • Added actions (triggers)

Version 1.02:

  • Changed encoding selector in setting for easier select

Older versions

bMUDclient v1.12
bMUDclient v1.11
bMUDclient v1.10
bMUDclient v1.09
bMUDclient v1.08
bMUDclient v1.07
bMUDclient v1.06
bMUDclient v1.05
bMUDclient v1.04
bMUDclient v1.02
bMUDclient v1.01